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Yvona Aritar Bastet

Pedigree: Click here

Breed: Czech Working Line

DOB: 08/29/2013

Tiltes: ZVV1

HD 0/0 ED 0/0 (Czech)

DM: N/N 

Yvona comes to us from the highly respected Aritar Bastet Kennel in the Czech Republic.
 Her mother Tanja Aritar Bastet is the daughter of the legendary Tom z Pohranicni straze and father is Attila vom Gleisdreieck from the original vom Gleisdreieck Kennel in Germany. 
Yvona is friendly and social with people, children and animals. She has great ball drive, natural protective temperament and amazing hunt drives.  She is full of fire and has a super off switch!  At the age of 14 months old (minimum for ZVV competition) she made the Czech National title ZVV1 with a score of 86 tracking, 88 obedience, 89 protection.   And she was the youngest dog of the trial!  
We are just thrilled with the opportunity to work with her in North America. 


Omi von Nikerhoff 

Breed: German/DDR Working Line (European Import)
DOB: 04/02/2013
Titles:  IPO1 
H/E: SV-"A" Normal

Omi was imported from Europe late last fall. She is such an amazing girl. Even with our language barrier Omi is responding very well to my commands. I can not wait until this summer to start Omi in Dock diving. She had a litter of puppies and they are turning out to have great temperaments. We will be breeding Omi with Roc in late spring. We are very excited on this up coming litter with Roc. We will be expecting dark sables black/tan and solid blacks in this litter. 


Carma van den Heuvel  Reg: AKC 

Breed: Czech Working Line
DOB: 04/02/2013
H/E: In House 

Carma just recently came to Von Rothhaus. She comes from an amazing pedigree and I was honored to have her as part of our pack. Carma is a very large and solid female. She has had extensive training and I am looking forward to working further with her over the winter to prepare for trials next spring. 


 Wolvesden Firefly (Fire) Reg: CKC

Pedigree click here 
Breed: Czech Working Line
DOB: 08/22/2011
Titles:  SJ-R, CGN, HIC, RPT, DD, BDD
H/E: OFA Hips: Excellent Elbows:Normal
Fire's OFA Page

Fire's puppy page:

 Fire has a perfect temperament and is a pleasure to have around. She is amazing for Disc Dog and also loved Dock Diving. We will be continuing Dock Diving with her this summer. Fire will be bred with Garak for a repeat breeding. The pups from their first litter have turned out to be amazing well balanced dog. Some of these pups are showing great prospects for many different obedience and sports venues. Fire and Garak had a 2nd litter, the puppies form that litter are as amazing as the first.


Wild Winds St. Pauli Girl (Zehna)     Reg: CKC, UKC

Pedigree click here
Breed:German Show/Working Line
DOB: 07/27/2012
Title: CGN, CA, PCD, NTD
H/E:OFA: Hips-Good, Elbows-Normal
DM: Clear by Parentage
Zehna's OFA Page
Zehna's Puppy Page 1 

Zehna has matured into a nice low-medium drive dog,  she will settle down nicely once we have stopped working and likes to cuddle. She is a very love able dog, she loves to work and is always looking to please. Zehna started to do Schutzhund training when she was 6 months old and was very impressive to her teacher at her love for learning and doing bite work. Zehna is very confident and has a great temperament.
Zehna and Garak have had 2 litters so far and we will be doing a repeat breeding Feb 2016. The puppies are turning out beautiful in colours. Some have a very strong and large build. Some of Zehna's puppies have gone on to be Service dogs and being trained in SAR.


Boom Lake's " I'm Karma" ( Karma) Reg: CKC

Pedigree click here
DOB: 10/09/2013
Title: HIC
H/E: OFA: Hips-Good Elbows-Normal
Karma's OFA Page

Karma & Ducati puppies are here!
Accepting Deposits now on this litter!
4 males 3 females.

We have 2 black/tan male, 2 females, black/tan and a dark sable 

Karma is a large female with a nice square structure, she has great ball drive and very good focus for obedience training. Karma enjoys one on one time with me when training for obedience. She is very intelligent and has a great temperament.  


Von Rothhaus's Willow Rose (Willow) 

DOB: 12/31/2013
H/E: OFA: Hips-Good, Elbows-Normal

Willow's OFA Page 

This is a repeat breeding. We are accepting Deposits on this litter.
Willow had 12 puppies 5 males and 7 females

we have 1 sable male & 5 females still available, all males are spoken for.

Willow is a beautiful medium   boned girl. She has a nice square structure. Willow is the classic black tan with a plush coat. She loves to play and run with the other dogs. She is a very friendly dog and loves to get as much attention as she can. Willow is a lower to medium drive dog, She is very confident and has a great temperament.


Jilmarpets Zephra's Gem ( Gemma)  reg: CKC

Pedigree click here
DOB: 04/26/2015
H/E:  OFA: Hips-Good Elbows-Normal


Gemma's OFA Page

Gemma is maturing into a super nice dog with a well balanced temperament. She is medium sized and has a longer coat. She has energy and drive to play but will also settle very nicely with play time is over and it is relaxing time. 

Gemma is very quick and will be working toward her lure coursing and herding Instinct titles in May and June this summer. We will also be starting Gemma with Dock Diving as she loves the water and will be a natural at it.

Gemma is very easy to train and willing to do nothing to please me. 


Faustina Von Rothhaus (Sasha) Reg: CKC

Pedigree click here
DOB: 11/15/2016
Title: Rated: VP


Sasha is from our own breeding program from Jessie and Garak. Sasha is a very smart girl who loves to work and please already. Sasha will be starting IPO training later this yr. For now she is just enjoying being a silly girl and enjoying life. 

Our Retired dogs.

Wild Winds Mercedes Benz (Kira) Reg: CKC, UKC

Pedigree click here
Breed:German Show/Working Line
DOB: 08/28/2011
Titles: CGN, RN, RA, Novice CL, CD, CA, SPOT

Kira is retired.

Kira is a one of the best dogs we have ever owned. She is a large female but very gentle. Kira loves to work and is always looking at us for approval of what she is doing. Kira has had extensive training and has achieved many titles for such a young dog. Kira is working on finishing up her ADV Rally the first week of March. She will enjoy this summer as she will have her very own agility field. Kira is always worried about the other dogs and looks out for the other puppies.


Jessie van den Balkendreef ( Jessie)  Reg: CKC

Pedigree click here
Breed: Belgium Import Working Line ( European Import)
DOB: 03/05/2010

Titles: IPO1, AD, BH, 
H/E: SV Rated: Hips-Good, Elbows-Normal
DM: Clear 

Jessie is a fairly big and solid female, She is very confident and has an amazing temperament. Jessie love to still work for me and enjoys our time together playing ball. Jessie also enjoys the water, I am hoping next yr she will be part of our dock diving team. We look forward to a wonderful future with Jessie and also excited about the puppies she will produce.