Von Rothhaus German Shepherds

Top Quality Working Line German Shepherds


Bax vom Wieratal 

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Breed: West German Working Line
DOB: 03/10/2011
Title:  AD, BH, IPO3, FH2, KKL
H/E:  Hip: SV: HD a-normal (a1) - Elbows: SV: HD a-normal (a1)


Roc von den Wilden Teufeln (Roc)  CKC, UKC

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Breed: DDR East German Working Line
DOB: 10/21/2013
Title:  HIC, CA, CGN, SPOT, Cert Therapy Dog, RATI
H/E: OFA-Hips- Excellent/Normal 

Roc is from a very strong DDR back ground and was imported from Germany. Roc has a large and very strong build for his age. He is temperament is amazing and has a very clear head. Roc is very reliable to take any where with you, He loves being around people and other animals. Roc is starting to show great toy drive. He loves to fetch the ball and brings it back to you. I am looking forward to training Roc and seeing what his limits  are.

We have discovered that Roc just loves the Frisbee and will play for hrs on end. 

I am hoping to enter him in a Disk Dog trial in Aug. Roc has also started to enjoy dock diving, so we have been practicing his skills there, again hoping to achieve a title this summer. 


SG Garak von Heksterhorst (Garak)

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Breed: West German Working Line
DOB: 10/02/2007

Garak is owned and trained by Leslie Greenson.
Garak comes from strong working bloodlines with a pedigree backed by several top performance dogs who have left their mark in the sport of Schutzhund for years at International Level Competition.
His mother Flipsy von der Mohnwiese is out of a very well-known kennel and is a full sister of Eros von der Mohnwiese, 2X WUSV Champion.
Garak is a unique and very special dog with a bold character. He is very loyal to his family and possesses a strong German Shepherd temperament.
He is easy to train, highly motivated and extremely compliant. He is a balanced dog who is sensible and clear headed. He has an on/off switch, is calm in the house, crate and is reliable in public. Garak inherited many desirable traits from his ancestors. He is a very skilled and natural tracker. In protection he is powerful and serious with intense drives which he can channel nicely. Garak is a naturally strong and civil dog. He is very fast with full, hard grips. He gets good points, IPO3 286V
Proving the versatility of the breed, Garak trains and competes successfully in a variety of sports such as Schutzhund/IPO, DockDogs, Disc Dogs, CKC Obedience, Scent Detection, Flyball and Herding. Garak qualified for the 2013 DockDogs World Championships in Iron Dog, Extreme Vertical and Big Air


SG Anakin Skywalker Von Rothhaus
 (Ducati) CKC

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Breed: West German Working Line
Titles:  NTD, HIC, CGN, RATI, PT.
H/E: Pre lims/Excellent/Normal

Ducati is out of our own breeding program from Zehna and Garak.
He has  a large and solid build for a puppy. Ducati is starting to show potential for IPO training with his strong toy drive, focus and willing to please.
Ducati has started some training in Obedience and on the sleeve.

Ducati is an amazing puppy. His has a great personality and has been a great puppy. His ability to learn so quickly is amazing.
Ducati has started some luring coursing and dock diving this summer. Hopefully will earn some titles this yr in Dock diving.
He has great toy drive and will play for hrs if you can keep up with him, Ducati can come in from playing and will settle down nicely and rest.