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Von Rothhaus German Shepherds

Health Guarantee

Seller: Dawn McMurray


The Seller warrants that upon delivery this puppy was healthy and free of defects. This is full disclosure to Buyer regarding surgical umbilical hernia, heart murmur or undescended testicles. The Buyer has 48 hrs to have the puppy examined by their own Vet, if there are any problems found with the puppy, the seller must be notified immediately.

The Seller warrants that this puppy will be free of Hip/Elbow dysplasia until the puppy is 24 months old. Seller will extend this warranty to 36 months as long as the buyer keeps the puppy on the Nu Vet vitamins that the breeder has had the puppies on and supplied the seller with info. Puppies must remain in these vitamins for the at least the first year. Dysplasia must be diagnosed by X-rays, and read by the OFA at the Buyers expense. The Seller reserves the right to request additional X-rays if they are not of good quality. X-rays must be taken with the dog NOT under sedation. In the case of a dog diagnosed with HD or ED the Seller agrees to provide the Buyer with a replacement puppy of similar value.

The Seller warrants this puppy will be free of Renal Dysplasia and Congenital Heart Disease for the term of 24 months . The Buyer must notify the Seller immediately upon diagnosis. In the case of a dog being diagnosed with RD/CHD the Seller agrees to provide the Buyer with a replacement puppy of similar value.

The Seller warrants the parents of this puppy are free of Degenerative Myelopathy.

The Buyer understands that the GSD Breed may have other health concerns not covered in this Warranty. Conditions described as “Genetic Predispositions” are not passed from parents to offspring but are common throughout the entire breed. Under no circumstances is the Seller liable for Vets bills incurred for treatment.

This puppy is being sold on a NON BREEDING contract, registered with CKC. If this dog is bred legal action will be taken. If the puppy is bred the Warranty is thereby void.

We advise that the puppy not be spayed or neutered before the age of 18 months. There are many studies that indicate spay or neuter prior to that age is detrimental to the German Shepherd and may cause increased incidence of hip dysplasia. If the puppy is altered before 18 months your warranty is null in void.

Seller is not responsible for behavior, temperament, lack of training, neglect, abuse, teasing, failing to train the dog / puppy properly or environment after the dog / puppy leaves the Von Rothhaus German Shepherds property. Von Rothhaus German Shepherds strongly recommends the buyer take their new puppy to obedience classes to learn proper handling techniques (generally around 4-5 months of age). Most problems that arise are from lack of socialization, lack or incorrect training or lack of exercise and attention. Seller is not responsible for any expenses incurred by the buyer what so ever.

Seller does not guarantee teeth, testicles or ears. Occasionally a puppy may need some assistance with getting the ears to stand. We do not guarantee that they will stand however, if your puppy’s ears are not standing by 5 1/2 months, please get in touch with me and we can provide some assistance by taping the ears. If you wait beyond 5 1/2 months, your puppy’s ears may never stand, DON'T wait.

In the event that the Buyer can no longer keep the puppy / dog FOR ANY REASON, at any time during the puppy/Dog lifetime, the Seller must be contacted and Puppy / Dog must be returned to Von Rothhaus German Shepherds at the expense of the Purchaser. The purchase price is NON REFUNDABLE. Selling or unauthorized transfer of ownership of this puppy will result in Legal Action.

Here is the info for the Nu Vet Supplements.

Please sign below that you have read our contract, understand and agree to all the terms of this agreement.

Litter: ___________ DOB: ___________ Microchip: _______________

Sex: ____ Colour: __________ Registered Name: Von Rothhaus

Seller’s Signature: ________________________________________ Date: ____________________________

Buyer’s Signature: ________________________________________ Date: _____________________________

Buyer’s Signature: ________________________________________ Date: _____________________________

Purchase Price $_______ - Deposit - $300.00 = $_________. Paid in full on ____________. Sellers Initials _______

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